#NewCourseAlert: Introduction to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

#NewCourseAlert: Introduction to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

by Yovina-Claire Pauig -
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GAP1 announcementLearn the basics of Philippine Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in our latest e-Learning course “Introduction to Good Agricultural Practices”.

This is a four-module online course that discusses the concepts and principles of GAP, the minimum standards of GAP, as well as the requirements and processes leading to GAP certification, among others.

Developed by Winrock International, the course is one of the training modules under the Building Safe Agricultural Food Enterprises (B-SAFE) Project, which is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The project is being implemented in the Philippines through partnerships with different government agencies and private sector aiming to increase agricultural productivity, strengthen the compliance to sanitary and phytosanitary, and food safety regulations, other than expanding the trade of food and agricultural products in the country.

Winrock partners with the Agricultural Training Institute in the delivery of online courses to be part of the e-Learning platform of the e-Extension Program for Agriculture and Fisheries.

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